Esportsim Wheel Manager

Version 2.4  –  Download

  • Fixed a bug that can prevent to identify the FSW steering wheel in Windows system

Version 2.3  –  Download

  • This version is compatible with the new upcoming steering wheel :-)
  • Now you can see the raw clutches value

Version 2.2  –  Download

Added a button to RELOAD the connection. So from now you don’t need to reboot the software if the application on the steering wheel was not opened. You can just click reload and the software start to communicate with the steering wheel.

Version 2.1  –  Download

Fixed a bug regards clutches bars

Version 2.0  –  Download

Esportsim Wheel Manager v2.0. With this software version you are be able to set the clutches in Bite Point mode and you are be able to update the firmware by yourself. The Bite Point clutches work with firmware v6.6 and above and with software version v8.1.0 and above

Version 1.0  –  Download

Esportsim Wheel Manager first release. With this software, you can test and manage all the hardware of your USB Formula Steering Wheel.