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Esportsim steering wheels are built to last, thanks to the skills and expertise of the designers and engineers who create them. The attention to detail and expertise of these specialists is evident in every Esportsim steering wheel. Esportsim is proud to showcase their work.
Made in Italy

Esportsim’s expertise can be seen in every aspect of the steering wheel’s construction, from the precision CNC machining of carbon fiber plates to the finishing of edges and painting of knobs. Take a closer look at the attention to detail and expertise that goes into every Esportsim steering wheel.

Esportsim steering wheels are the product of a combination of expert knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. From traditional techniques to state-of-the-art technology, a wealth of expertise goes into the crafting of every Esportsim steering wheel. This dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of the manufacturing process.



The polishing process is a crucial step in the creation of an Esportsim steering wheel, as it gives the carbon fiber surface and edges a smooth, glossy finish. This step is key in achieving the perfect final look and feel of the steering wheel.
Artisan steering wheel

Creating a high-quality Esportsim steering wheel requires a tailored approach for each component, shape, and surface. Every material has its own unique characteristics, and requires a specific touch during the polishing process. To ensure the best results, specific polishing methods and criteria have been defined in the production specifications for each steering wheel.

steering wheel assembly

Handwork is a crucial component in this stage of the manufacturing process, but at Esportsim, the human experience and expertise are supported by precision technologies that optimize efficiency and quality control. This ensures a well-organized and efficient assembly process, with teamwork playing a fundamental role in delivering the final product.



At Esportsim, every step of the manufacturing process is approached with a commitment to perfection. We strive for excellence and aim for perfection in every aspect of the production, to deliver the best possible product
Esportsim steering wheel

The assembly process includes several intricate and important operations, such as centering the knobs and stickers. At Esportsim, we use only the highest quality materials, such as 316 Inox Marine grade screws, which provide maximum resistance to corrosion. This attention to detail ensures a final product of the highest quality.

Industrial electronics
Industrial grade electronics sim racing wheel

The Esportsim FSW Series 3 is the most advanced steering wheel ever created. It offers unparalleled performance, expandability, and customization options, making it the perfect choice for professional sim racers who want to push the boundaries of what is possible. Designed to meet the demands of even the most demanding pro users, the FSW Series 3 is built to handle the most intense conditions.

The electronics of the FSW Series 3 is made with industrial-grade components that can withstand high levels of shock and vibration, ensuring durability and reliability.
The electronic board is equipped with a powerful multicore processor optimized for managing all telemetry information with unmatched speed, and a chip specifically designed to manage communications with PC and console using a variety of protocols.
With this chip and custom firmware developed by Esportsim, the FSW Series 3 is compatible with all motor bases on the market.

Simracing wheel electronic board
The best simracing wheel
Sim racing wheel professional hardware
Simracing wheel pro hardware

Real dimensions

FSW Series 3 dimension

Hold the vision
Trust the process

Design begins with recognizing the need. At Esportsim, every component is first imagined using 3D software and then brought to life using industrial 3D printing technology. The process ensures that every piece is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs and requirements.
sim racing wheel 3d designed
Sim racing wheel software


The FSW Series 3 hardware's powerful capabilities inspired us to develop an equally advanced software. The FSW software is packed with advanced technologies designed to fully utilize the hardware's potential, providing an unparalleled sim racing experience.


Sim racing wheel architecture

Settings dashboard

The settings dashboard allows you to choose between communication through the motor base or USB cable. It also provides options to adjust the LEDs brightness, Brake Balance Preset, Gear Advanced Mode, and more. With this flexible and customizable interface, you can fine-tune your steering wheel to suit your preferences and needs.
Settings dashboard

Diagnostic dashboard

The diagnostic dashboard offers a wealth of information about your steering wheel, including the IP address, communication mode, software version, and firmware version. It also provides a tool for testing all the wheel's hardware, such as the LEDs, encoders, and buttons. Additionally, you can check for available software updates and enable remote connection with the Esportsim team for additional customization and plugin options.
Diagnostic dashboard

Telemetry dashboards

The FSW software version 10 introduces new, advanced dashboards that display the telemetry data you need for your specific game. The FSW Series 3 is compatible with a wide range of racing simulation games such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Assetto Corsa, F1 2023, F1 2022, rFactor, Automobilista, RaceRoom, and Project Cars, providing a fully immersive and realistic racing experience no matter what game you play.
Sim racing wheel

Simhub compatibility

The FSW Series 3 offers full compatibility with Simhub, allowing you to use all Simhub dashboards directly on the steering wheel display. Additionally, the steering wheel can also receive telemetry data from Simhub through a USB cable. This feature maximizes the usability of the steering wheel and provides an immersive racing experience
Simhub compatibility

Create without constraint

Esportsim dashboard designer